party planning 101: the venue

Finding the right venue for your event is not only one of the most important pieces, but also one of the first things you should tackle.  Venues fill up! Especially if you’re looking at, for example, SXSW time in Austin or a peak wedding month.  Second, since it’s going to inevitably be one of the biggest chunks of your budget, it’s good to get it knocked out to know how much you have left for the other parts of the planning like food, decor, music, etc.

Also, the “where” will set the whole tone for the event – hill country with a view vs. a downtown dive bar, a hotel ballroom vs. a raw warehouse space, a restaurant vs. your backyard, one giant space vs. segmented smaller rooms, and so on!

Some important questions for you whether you are planning a corporate or marketing event, a wedding, a happy hour for friends, or any other party:

What does the venue come with? (Do they have in house catering? Sound equipment? Chairs and tables?)

What is the capacity? (With furniture and without?)

What type of access will we have? (When can we get in/have to leave?)

How do we have to leave the place? (Do we have to just pick up? Take trash off the premises? Sweep/Mop?)

Any restrictions? (Electricity, sound/noise, etc)

These are just a few of the questions to ask when you start looking.  Three Apples Events can help you navigate all of the options out there and find the PERFECT venue for your event (and your budget!), no matter what you’re planning!

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