kathryn + brian

You know how people always talk about marrying their best friend? Well Kathryn and Brian exemplify that.  These two are amazing, and their connection is so perfect that “perfect” doesn’t cover it.  We could never get through five minutes of meeting without falling into crazy laughter.  Their banter is like what you see in old Hollywood movies, a back and forth worthy of Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn.  And that’s actually... Read More

madison + freddy

Seriously romantic. I mean, take a look. Madison and Freddy are beyond adorable – they are two of the sweetest people I’ve been lucky enough to work with. They got married in November at the Allan House which was just the perfect spot.  First, I have to point out all of the outfits.  The bride looked like a princess in her beautiful lacy gown (with a blue heart stitched in the lining).  And for any one who has ever debated bridesmaids... Read More

sarah + daniel

Sarah and Daniel have one of those especially sweet and romantic meant-to-be-together stories – dated years back, broke up, lived in separate cities, saw each other again one day, got back together, then quickly realized “Hey! We need to be together forever!” and got engaged. Love.  Originally from Louisiana, Sarah, Daniel, and both of their families have that sweet Southern disposition. Working with them was a JOY. For their venue,... Read More

stacey + dan

Stacey and Dan are oh-so-sweet! Actually, for Stacey, being sweet is literal in her day-to-day life.  She’s a super-talented baker! I first met her through the Austin wedding industry long before she was ever engaged, and at the time, she was telling me about her boyfriend Dan, how they met, etc – just 2 friends chatting. When she called me to tell me they were engaged and planning their wedding, I was thrilled! They were married in late... Read More

michelle + david

When a seriously stylish fashion blogger gets married, you know you can expect a beautiful affair. Michelle is the gorgeous face behind Uncharted Style, and she is just as fabulous and cool as you’d imagine after reading her blog.  I seriously adore this woman! And David is the perfect man for her – you can see it in their faces throughout their wedding day.  It’s pretty amazing. They tied the knot on a perfect October Sunday at... Read More

lesley + paul

I beyond adore these two.  Lesley and Paul are so insanely cute, it’s outrageous. Seriously, scroll down and sneak a peek at the photos, then come back.  I’ll wait… See what I mean? As beautiful as they are on the outside, they are even MORE beautiful inside – these two people are so kind, so funny, so fun. Just a dream couple to work with! They were married in November 2010 at St. Austin’s Catholic Church. From her... Read More

emily + mitch

After this wedding was over, we were chatting amongst the team, and it was unanimous – we all wanted to be friends with Emily. Emily and Mitch’s wedding had so many personal touches. The time and thought Em had put into every piece of the day was really incredible! The ceremony took place in front of the huge oak trees on the grounds at Mercury Hall.  Playing an important role (the third bridesmaid!), Abbey, the couple’s dog, behaved... Read More