Hire. This. Woman. Not only is Margaret the best event coordinator you will ever meet, she is also one of the best human beings you will ever meet. Within five minutes of meeting I knew I wanted to hire her, and it was by far the best decision - after deciding to marry my husband - that I made. Margaret was so fun to work with, so knowledgeable and professional, and just so darn fantastic at what she does. She was on top of every little detail throughout the planning process and the day-of, and she did an amazing job managing all of the different vendors, family members and wedding party. After stressing over plans and details for 14 months it was such a relief to have Margaret step in and take the reins. I 100% trusted her to make everything perfect and because of that I truly was relaxed on our wedding day. Our wedding was absolutely beautiful and went off without a hitch (except for the getting hitched part, but that was intentional). Margaret went above and beyond her duties - answering every last one of my 200 daily texts and emails, road tripping with me to Round Top for antique shopping, and digging through the Habitat Restore for hidden treasures - and for this (and so much more) I cannot thank her enough. And now, 5 months after the wedding, she still does all of these things with me but for free. And I consider myself very lucky to have forged this friendship. So, in summation, hire Three Apples Events. You will you get a fantastic wedding coordinator, a guaranteed perfectly run wedding and a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. And if you don't believe me, see for yourself! http://www.stylemepretty.com/2012/07/27/austin-wedding-at-mercury-hall-by-the-nichols/
Alicia and Tony
Margaret is one of my favorite people in the world! She was a pleasure to work with, so incredibly efficient and good at her job, and very knowledgeable. My husband and I wanted a very personal wedding with some unique elements and Margaret helped us find everything we needed. It turned out beautifully! Exactly what we had wanted, and with little to no stress. She even worked outside in 100+ all day to prep the wedding site! That is dedication. With Margaret, everything has a way of working itself out, and it makes the whole process of planning a wedding a pleasure. She really became a part of our family during the whole experience, and now I am happy to have her as a friend. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone planning a special event.
Francesca and Jacob
I do not even know where to start with Margaret. AMAZING is a perfect word that comes to mind. =) I hired Margaret for the month-of package and it was the best decision I made throughout the whole wedding planning process. I could not have done it without this sweet girl! She was SO responsive through my many MANY questions I had throughout the whole process and was just absolutely wonderful to work with from start to finish. I had a number of questions throughout the whole process (I'm sure I wore her out as I emailed her ALL the time =)) but she was so sweet and quick to respond to them all! She is SO organized and made me so relaxed knowing she had everything under control the day of - my mom LOVED knowing she was taking care of everything as well. I felt like the day of our wedding went off without a hitch (and if there was one I didn't know about it =)). It was so nice to know that she was taking care of everything and I only needed to worry about having a good time and visiting with family and friends! Margaret is such a sweet person and I absolutely loved working with her!
Lindsay and Conor
5 stars? Margaret deserves 10 stars! 100 stars! All the stars in the universe. From the first meeting with Margaret, I was hooked. She is a wonderful person, so calm, creative, flexible, kind and.... organized! Something, I may struggle with just a little... ok, maybe a lot. Margaret is, in one word, amazing. She knows her stuff and I trusted her completely. She not only was our planner months out and on the day of, she was the creative mind behind our masterpiece. We spent countless hours together brainstorming, crafting and having a great time! I love that I not only scored by having an amazing planner who put together an amazing wedding- but I made a friend for life! I seriously could not have dreamed a better day- Margaret made the event perfect. Kudos for life to Margaret.
Lisa and Alex
YOU MUST HIRE THREE APPLES!!! Margaret and her team are Godsends. Truly. My vision was turned into something more than I could have ever imagined. She made sure everything was on time, organized and beautiful. Not only that, but leading up to the wedding, she went to all our meetings with us, had brilliant ideas for design and answered any and all questions thoroughly. Even our guests at the wedding that are getting married soon asked about her because everything was so perfect, even with a near catastrophe due to weather. She laughed in the face of rain, seriously. I can't say enough good things about Three Apples, but I can say that not only did I have an amazing person coordinate, design and organize our wedding, but I also got a good friend out of the deal! Trust me, you'll be thankful to have her!
Claire and Ross
Margaret of Three Apples Events was the best investment I made while planning my wedding. I could not have done it without her help, guidance, and careful attention to detail. Margaret listened to my vision and recommended the best vendors with my style and price in mind. Her recommendations were perfect and so was my wedding day because of her. My parents were so pleased with Margaret that part of my Dad's toast at my wedding was to thank her specifically. She is a complete professional and made planning a long distance wedding stress-free. Margaret had creative suggestions for all aspects of my wedding and really helped me personalize the ceremony and reception to reflect me and my husband as a couple. She was easily available for any question or concern I expressed as my big day approached. Having Margaret eased any anxiety I felt, which is invaluable, and helped me enjoy my "big day" to the fullest. I could sing her praises forever but luckily for all of you there is a word limit. 🙂 Thank you Margaret. xoxo
Katie and Andy
If you are considering Three Apples Events - consider no more. THEY ARE AMAZING. Margaret single handedly gave me the wedding of my dreams. She was nothing but professional. She was a friend and provided guidance as well as connections throughout the entire process. I really don't have enough to say about how great the entire crew was.
Jen and John
From our first phone conversation up until our emails after the wedding, Margaret has been an absolute joy to work with. We hired her for month-of coordination, and I cannot imagine our wedding without Margaret's attention, insight, organization, and care. She is exactly what I was hoping to find in a coordinator. In the months leading up to the wedding, she answered every single question I had and provided me with her opinion on certain ideas whenever I asked for her perspective. At our rehearsal the day before the wedding she was awesome! She was thinking of things I had forgotten and making sure everyone knew what to do. She also took off our hands everything we'd brought for the wedding day (chuppah, favors, cake stand, cake topper, guestbook, framed photos, etc.) so that we didn't need to think about bringing any of those items to the venue on the wedding day. Actually, I felt like I didn't need to think about ANYTHING the entire wedding weekend. Margaret knew what we wanted and she made it happen. She implemented our vision for the wedding with ease and patience. On our wedding day, she was INCREDIBLE. She made the entire event flow perfectly. She was always in control of what was going on, but somehow invisible at the same time. I am typically a control-freak who likes to be in charge and make sure everything is going according to plan, but on my wedding day I did not think about a single thing. I felt so comfortable leaving everything in Margaret's hands and she absolutely exceeded my expectations. Along with being incredibly organized, attentive, and professional, Margaret has an awesome personality that made her so awesome to work with. She was calm and caring, and never overbearing. Planning the wedding from out of town didn't feel like a big deal at all with Margaret's help. I am so, so glad we chose Three Apples Events. I am recommending Margaret to everyone I know!
Sheer and Ryan
My husband and I were married this past October at AMOA Laguna Gloria. From the moment my mother and I met Margaret we knew she would be our wedding coordinator. I had a lot of ideas for my wedding and really needed someone to help me organize and follow through with them. Margaret not only helped me to grasp my ideas but made amazing suggestions and recommendations for other vendors we needed. I would say I was a hands on bride but felt that I needed someone to bring the wedding to fruition. I did not want to be worrying about the specifics of the vendors coordinating – we literally had to rent everything we needed and had multiple areas to set up. It was so nice to know that Margaret had everything covered. Throughout the year Margaret worked with me on ideas and set up – and even tolerated my anxious late night bridal emails. 🙂 There are so many things I could say about Margaret being a sweet person and easy to work with but for me the most important thing is that you can rely on her. Margaret will get the job done. You will thank your lucky stars that you have her on the day of your wedding.
Rachel and Adam
Margaret was the coordinator at my wedding this past March in Austin and she is simply amazing! First of all, I live in Memphis and my fiance lived in Washington DC. We told her that we were highly unlikely to visit Austin at all before the wedding weekend itself and were going to be doing everything from a distance. This meant that up until the day of the wedding, I had never even seen the venue or met any of my vendors! In fact, I met Margaret in person the night before the wedding at our rehearsal! But who cares because Margaret is a professional and she can handle EVERYTHING and made it all come together! My wedding was BEAUTIFUL and not a single thing went wrong. Some brides will tell you not to stress over the small things that go awry on the big day but that wasn't even relevant to me because Margaret made sure not a single thing was amiss. Since there's only so much I can say, I'll just also point out that Margaret happens to be the nicest person on earth and when it comes to finding a planner, you really want to be working with an awesome person like she is. There's nothing worse than working with a bossy planner who will make you stress out even more. She is super kind and suuuper fast with correspondance. I'm OCD when it comes to refreshing my gmail and Margaret will shoot you replies back immediately. Out of all the vendors we had for our wedding, I loved Margaret the most! There, I said it! 🙂 ----- I got married in March 2013 and hired Margaret to become my month-of-coordinator for my wedding. Best decision of my wedding planning! Why? Ok, well I was planning for my wedding in Austin, TX while living in Memphis, TN and my fiance was living in Washington DC, and MY family lived in New Jersey and HIS family lived in Dallas and OUR FRIENDS lived around the country. So you can see, we were really spread far and out. I knew I wouldn't even have a chance to see the wedding venue or meet any of our vendors before the day of the wedding! First, yes, that is a little crazy. But I still had the wedding of my dreams and that's because I hired Margaret. She is incredibly sweet, resourceful, and able to help you with anything you can think of. In fact, I dare you to think of something that she hasn't already thought about or had experience with at another wedding. If you are wondering if you should cut out this service in your budget, let me tell you that I did not have one of those $60k platinum weddings. My wedding was actually done on a $15k budget (I am a medical student aka lifelong payer of student tuition) and my husband and I agree that our best spent money was 1. on Margaret 2. on our venue. Don't hesitate to hire Margaret!!!
Nancy and Jason
Margaret B was the best! She was on top of every detail and made our day so enjoyable! She organized us from the first contact to after the reception and was so sweet to work with every single time. She knows what she is doing and gave us such good advice. Well worth her pay & much more! Will miss our almost daily contact but so glad she was there for us!
Mother of the Bride
As soon as I found the venue for our wedding I knew that I would need a great planner to help me turn the fantasy of a fabulous wedding into a reality, and after meeting with several planners I knew that Margaret was the one for us! Not only is she down to earth and personable, but she is a true professional in the event planning industry and has expertise and connections beyond the average wedding planner. There are details, questions, costs, reminders and last minute hiccups that arise throughout the planning process and Margaret was our trusted companion throughout it all! She is calm, creative, always easy to get a hold of (no matter how many times I reached out to her) and can handle anything you throw her way. On the day of our wedding she and her assistant worked so hard so that we could enjoy our wedding rather than worry about all of the little details. She would magically appear and lead us to our next obligation with a smile. Margaret was never late; she was beyond organized; and she didn't have a cookie cutter idea of what a wedding should look like. She wanted to create the wedding of OUR dreams, not hers (some planners out there have an "insert bride here" mentality and that is NOT Margaret. We could not have planned such a fantastic wedding without her help and guidance during every step of this process. She worked with me and my fiance (oops, Husband) for an entire year and was worth every penny and more, and I would hire her all over again if I could! This woman is kind, funny, easy to talk to and just plain talented. Stop searching for a wedding planner... Margaret is the one you want to work with! xoxo
Kathryn and Brian
Margaret Bedikian of Three Apples Events made our daughter's big day perfect! I kept waiting for something to go wrong and it never did. She took care of contacting all of the vendors the 2 weeks prior to the wedding, she kept to the timeline she helped us create, and she has a very relaxed way about her so she kept all of us calm. We used her for the rehearsal & day of the wedding but she was available for questions thru the whole process and thought of a lot of things we didn't. If you want a picture perfect wedding - give her a call!
Mother of the Bride
Margaret Bedikian and Three Apples Events was a complete life saver for me during the wedding process. It was the best decision I made! Margaret was available day and night to answer any and all questions, no matter how minor they were, throughout the whole planning process. She eased my anxiety so much. We initially met to discuss the overall feel of the wedding, budget, # of guests, etc and she provided vendors that fit within my budget and ensured it still looked beautiful. My area of expertise is definitely not on the esthetic/creative side and Margaret was a huge help here! The day of my wedding, I had absolutely zero worries. Three Apples Events allowed me to truly enjoy the full day and live in the moment! Thank you Margaret for helping to make everything perfect!!
Carrie and Shane
Margaret was seriously the sanity amongst all the stress and drama that accompanied the big day. Even my parents that like to run the show turned to her for EVERYTHING! She has a no nonsense but loving aura to her. She gave great advice for dealing with vendors and etiquette and helped me through all difficult and awkward parts of the wedding planning process. She was easily accessible (which helped because I was planning an Austin wedding from Fort Worth) and always helpful. I couldn't have picked a better planner!
Taylor and Cody
Margaret is amazing, simple as that. I loved all of the weddings on Three Apples web site so I contacted them right away and Margaret got right back to me and the next day we grabbed coffee and I knew she was the one for me! Shortly after, we hired Margaret to be our day of coordinator as well as a design consultant, although she worked above and beyond her 'role'. She was always available and promptly answered our questions. She sat in on a few vendor meetings and even had a few update meetings to calm my Mom's nerves. She was professional and made sure everything went according to plan on the day of. We couldn't have done it without her. I honestly can't recommend her enough, she's the best!!
Leigh Ann and Matt
margaret!! thank you so much for making our wedding the most incredible day ever!! you were so amazing to work with – so talented, heart-felt, professional, and comforting. it would never have been the same without you. thank you for everything that you did to make it so special and stress and worry free! you’re awesome 🙂
Sarah and Daniel
Margaret is AMAZING!!! I did not feel as though I needed a wedding planner, but my husband insisted. We hired her less than three months prior, and she by far exceeded our expectations!! Although she had at least one wedding each weekend leading up to ours, we never would have known! She treated us like we were her only clients the entire time, and after our wedding. Three Apples Events provides exceptional customer service, they are impressively prompt at returning phone calls &/or responding to e-mails (one of thee-mails she sent me was at 3AM - wow!). Margaret goes well above and beyond, and if you're considering hiring a planner, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with Margaret and her team! HIGHLY recommended!
Rachel and Trip
Say 'Yes' to Three Apples Events! I can’t say enough wonderful things about Three Apples Events. Margaret was beyond kind, understanding and patient with me. I wasn’t your typical bride and had no clue what I was doing. Margaret helped me put the pieces together and forget the stress, so I can focus on the most amazing day of my life. And it was just that, amazing. My wedding was simply flawless and everything I could have ever wanted. She is gracious, stylish, genuine and is there for you the entire way! I recommend Three Apples Events to all of my friends!
Michelle and David
We just had our wedding at The Allan House this November. I was against having a planner at first and convinced that I could do it all myself! My fiance of course knew better and found Margaret and I couldn't be more grateful! She was super fun, a pleasure to work with and gave us great advice! We did the day of package which included help 6 weeks before the date. All of our contracts were reviewed ahead of time and Margaret contacted all of our vendors and coordinated their arrival and set up times. She also met with our caterer and venue ahead of time so they could all be on the same page. She did a great job of thinking of all of the details we were missing and came up with a detailed itinerary for the day. We did not have to worry about anything on the day of the wedding and it was such a relief! It was so nice just to relax and enjoy our time with friends and family. We received numerous compliments from our guests on how smoothly everything ran! I would highly, highly recommend Margaret and Three Apples Events it was worth every penny!!!
Madison and Freddy
Originally, I had planned on not hiring a wedding planner and just taking care of everything on my own. How hard could it be, right? We were only having around 100 guests and wanted to keep things simple (and under budget). However, the further along in the planning process I got, things became more complicated, I had to-do lists and post-it note reminders *everywhere*, and was beginning to have wedding nightmares. Enter Margaret. She handled everything very well and had no trouble jumping in where I had already started. She was always quick to respond to emails, and I always felt as though a close friend was helping me put everything together. I know you may be thinking "but I can totally save $1000 or more if I do this all myself", but trust me on this one. It isn't worth the headache or hassle. Margaret knows what she is doing and was always in my corner making sure we stayed true to my vision. I'm so happy I can now look back on our wedding day and have only good memories.
Stacey and Dan
When we first started planning our wedding we didn't think we needed a wedding planner. We can do it all on our own, we thought. Soon, we realized it would be great to have some help. About that time, we met Margaret. She came across as friendly, yet calm and low-maintenance. Those traits were important to us. We wanted someone who could multi-task and deliver under pressure without breaking a sweat, yet was also down to earth. Margaret turned out to be that person, and much more! We couldn't have been happier with our experience with her! She went above and beyond, was easily accessible for advice, and offered help when requested or needed, but didn't take over. When it came time for the wedding day, we felt assured and relaxed knowing that the coordination was in Margaret's hands. She made sure all our vendors came as they were supposed to, and coordinated everything seamlessly. The wedding and reception came off perfectly. Our guests marveled at how everything seemed so perfect. We would recommend Margaret in a heartbeat!
Carolyn and Bob
I had an amazing experience working with Margaret at Three Apples Events to plan my wedding and would heartily encourage any bride to work with her as well. I had the unique experience of planning my wedding from out of state, and I wanted to have control over choosing my own vendors, so I knew a planner was essential. However, I didn't know that beyond making sure the vendors show up, a wedding planner is a great person to bounce ideas off of, advise on protocol, etiquette, decor and ask the important questions, such as, "does the bartending service you hired have insurance?" or, "who is taking the trash at the end of the night?" Lucky for me, Margaret helped me to avoid the potential disaster of having a non-licensed bartending service (no booze!) and picking up trash in my wedding dress. She was extremely responsive via e-mail and phone, which was so critical in such moments of panic. But beyond that, she was a great listener, adviser, therapist, and friend. I hired her to be a day-of coordinator but she was so much more. I highly recommend Margaret and Three Apples Events if you want a fun, relaxing, relatively worry-free wedding planning experience but still want to be involved in creating your own vision. Book her now before she hits the big time!
Melissa and Pete
The best decision I made while planning my wedding was to hire Margaret early in the process. From the very beginning Margaret was a huge help. She was there for us in every aspect of the planning process from venue selection all the way through the wedding itself. She was extremely responsive at all times, answering my (many) emails right away, even at night and on weekends. She truly listened to what we wanted (and didn't want) and created for us a design aesthetic that was perfect. Even more, Margaret took the time to really get to know us, and was able to use that knowledge to create an event that was not only what we wanted, but so much more. By the time the wedding happened I had so much confidence in Margaret that I was not the least bit nervous about anything. I knew that Margaret would be able to fix anything that could possibly go wrong, probably without me even knowing there was a problem. You can't put a price on that kind of peace of mind. So, not surprisingly, the wedding was literally perfect. Not only do we think that Margaret did a phenomenal job, but my guests do as well. Indeed, everything went so well that my guests are still telling me, weeks later, what a great job Margaret did. We really can't thank her enough for creating such a wonderful event that far surpassed our expectations in every way. If anyone reading this is planning a big event or wedding, make the best decision possible, hire Margaret!
Nora and Jarod
We had the wedding of our dreams and the time of our lives thanks to Margaret! She is all about creating an event that is perfect for you as a couple. We attempted to begin planning our wedding on our own and realized quickly during the process that a planner/coordinator might be necessary in order to ensure that the wedding would run smoothly and we could focus on making the most of our special day. After our first meeting, we were both so thrilled to have met someone as competent and enthusiastic as Margaret to help make our dreams come true. Throughout the entire process, Margaret was professional, courteous, incredibly patient and extremely hard working. She went above and beyond our expectations: lightning quick responses to questions, providing an open ear for wedding anxieties, giving helpful feedback, and anticipating potential problems. In the months before the wedding we were both incredibly busy, and without her help the wedding would have been impossible. Margaret's the best!
Bianca and Tom
To anyone who has ever wanted or dreamt of their dream event you have found your girl! Margaret is not only an amazing person inside and out, but someone who you instantly connect with and because of that, planning your big day is the best experience and most fun you will ever have! We could have never imagined in our wildest dreams the execution, creativity and, most of all, passion that Margaret instilled into our wedding weekend; from our welcome gifts, our rehearsal dinner BBQ, coordinating our wedding and Boyz ii Men, and creating and assembling the over 400 departure favors, our wedding could have never gone on without Margaret! I am truly forever indebted to her and Three Apples Events for making our wedding weekend a true dream come to life. I cannot wait to work with you again in the future Margaret! Love Always,
Laura and Phillip
Choosing Margaret as my coordinator was the best decision I could have made, forget the dress, do this first! She was totally invaluable and went way beyond my expectations of the conventional clip board toating/headset wearing drill seargent. I immediately recognized her professionalism, attention to detail, and most importantly her sense of humor. She was truly excited about my many personal touches and helped execute my ideas flawlessly. Margaret consistently made excellent suggestions throughout the entire process. From vendors to ceremony layout and flow, even how to best handle my Mother in Law, she knows her stuff! I never felt limited and I am truly thankful to have had her experience and critical eye on my side. Not once did I get the 'thats not my job' attitude. I couldn't have asked for a more laid back and seamless wedding day. Thank you Margaret!
Emily and Mitch
Our wedding day wouldn't have been as amazing without the help of Margaret and Three Apples Events. The day went down without a hitch and that was due to her hard work and preparation. She came up with so many ideas that we incorporated throughout the whole day. She actually did ALL of our reception flowers/centerpieces so if you want a wedding planner/designer in one...Margaret is your girl! I would recommend her in a heartbeat. In fact, I would hire her for any event! She will take over all of your "to do's" and let you relax on the big day 🙂 Thanks again Three Apples Events!
Lesley and Paul
Three Apples Events is the greatest! Being a Pastry chef and sister of the bride, I had the unique opportunity to work with Margaret in all facets of her work. Not only is she (and her team) talented, professional, organized, and creative, she is also a blast and extremely fun to work with. She helps take all the work out of any event, so you can enjoy all the memories you and your guests will be making. I refuse to work with anyone else, and i know i have made a life long friend! Thank you Margaret for giving my sister and her husband, the greatest day of their lives!
Paige Morgan
Owner / Paige's Bake House & Sister of the Bride
Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on our wedding! Your attention to detail and amazing organizational skills made our entire weekend easy and fun. It was nice to have someone we could trust wholeheartedly to carry out our vision of our perfect wedding day….it couldn’t have been any better! We HIGHLY recommend Margaret to anyone looking for a creative and personal touch for their special event! Thanks again!!
Lauren and Jeff
When our daughter, the bride, and our daughter, the pastry chef, met Margaret, we could tell life-long friendships were being formed. Margaret was so easy to work with, very professional and knew all of the details needed to make a wedding a memorable event. We'd highly recommend her and her company to anyone planning a special occasion. Thank you, Margaret!!!
Mother of the Bride