stop gushing already

Whenever I’m writing my event recaps, I feel like I could go on and on about the couples… and I feel like you, as readers, must get to a point of “Come ON, you can’t like everybody THAT MUCH!” But here’s the thing about picking your coordinator – more than ANY other vendor who will be a part of your wedding day or event day, your coordinator needs to be someone you can get along with.  When you are meeting with your vendors and making those important decisions, personality matters in varying degrees depending on the vendor.  However, it needs to be a huge factor into the selection of your planner! From the minute we start planning together till the event day, the stress will only be rising, no matter what kind of event it is.  And then especially throughout the event, no one will be more by your side or in your business more than your planner (and when I say in your business, I mean even holding up your dress while you use the restroom if you need it!).  So even though it seems like I’m way too full of superlatives when I talk about the couples I’ve been privileged to work with, the reality is it’s the truth! From our preliminary conversations, I could already tell with each couple or client that we would get along wonderfully.  And as we got deeper and deeper into planning, that relationship only got better and better. I’m so lucky to still call them all my friends!

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