kelly + terrell

k+t = AWESOME. Kelly and Terrell are one of those couples who have been together so long and are so in sync that they are just insanely comfortable with one another (and also comfortable with the plenty of “about time” jokes that they got throughout the night!). A couple of my favorite photos from their spring wedding at Mercury Hall, shot to perfection as usual by Jake Holt (No secret we here at Three Apples are huge fans of his work!), are towards the end of the night: just the two of them sitting at the dinner tables outside under the festoon lights taking a moment to themselves while the party continues inside the hall.   I think it captures their ease so perfectly.

Kelly did an absolutely amazing job putting together the details for their day – she chose a modern color scheme of navy and orange and integrated those colors into everything: from chevron striped and scallop patterned runners to the “Don’t Be Blinded by Our Love” Display (complete with navy sunglasses) to the menu and reserved signs to the lanterns hanging in the halls, and on and on. She thought through every single aspect of her wedding, infusing each part with style.  And Brooke with Pollen Floral Art‘s pieces fit perfectly into the vision! Loved the white vases with the orange and navy ribbon – so modern and so beautiful. Kelly also brought in the “A” for her new last name – throw pillows on the ottomans around the dance floor and the clings on the doors made it clear this was a celebration for the Abbotts! So much love!

I absolutely loved working with these two from our first phone call to the moment they ran through a tunnel of sparklers – couples like Kelly and Terrell make my job so easy and oh so much fun.

The last 5 pictures below are from their after session with Jake. If any one out there has been debating going for an after session, these pictures show just why it can be a great thing to do – so many fun choices for locations (the swing set photos are my personal faves), and there is no pressure, no one watching, it’s just the two of you, totally at ease, hanging out!






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  1. Sonia says:

    I love the picture of the bride/groom in front of the ” ’til death do us part” where in Austin was that taken?

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